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The company participated in the 2024 Hanover Industrial Expo

The 2024 Hanover Industrial Expo will be held in Hanover, Germany from April 22nd to 26th. The Hanover Industrial Fair is a world leading industrial and trade fair, of great significance to representatives from the business, political, and academic fields; The Hanover Industrial Expo is a gathering place for forward-looking thinkers, decision-makers, promoters, and influencers. The Hanover Industrial Expo provides an industrial transformation platform for Industry 4.0, hydrogen technology, artificial intelligence, and low-carbon production, and a platform for communication to drive change. It will explore a continuous stream of solutions and turn them into reality.

The company participated in the 22nd Taiyuan Coal (Energy) Industry Technology and Equipment Exhibition in 2024

The 22nd Taiyuan Coal (Energy) Technology and Equipment Exhibition combines the experience of the previous 21 Coal (Energy) Technology and Equipment Exhibitions to vigorously promote the supply side structural reform of the coal industry, enhance exchanges in the coal industry field, concentrate on showcasing various high-tech achievements and intelligent high-end equipment in coal mining and energy industry energy conservation and emission reduction, smart mining, 5G application, coalbed methane development and utilization, and build a development platform for communication, cooperation, and win-win for domestic and foreign coal and energy enterprises and institutions.
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